George Mason University

Computational Hemodynamics Lab

Building: Peterson Hall
Rooms: Computational Biomedicine, 4000E/F
Contact: Juan R. Cebral
Phone: (+1) (703) 993-4078


Department of Bioengineering
Center for Computational Fluid Dynamics
Krasnow Institute for Advanced Studies
Volgenau School of Engineering (VSE)
George Mason Univeristy (GMU)


At the Computational Hemodynamics Laboratory we specialize in patient-specific modeling of blood flows in cerebral aneurysms. We develop methods and techniques to model intracranial aneurysms from 3D medical images. We combine computational modeling with clinical observations, biological and mechanical data to: 1) understand the mechanisms responsible for the development, enlargement and rupture of cerebral aneurysms; 2) enhance aneurysm risk assessment and patient evaluation; and 3) evaluate endovascular devices and procedures such as flow diversion for minimally invasive treatment of brain aneurysms.


We work together with researchers from the Center for Computational Fluid Dynamics at George Mason University (Prof. Rainald Lohner), and collaborate with clinicians and bioengineers from a number of institutions, including: 1) Inova Fairfax Hospital, Virginia (Dr. Christopher Putman, Interventional Neuroradiology), 2) Mayo Clinic, Minnesota (Dr. David Kallmes, Neuroradiology), 3) Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburg (Dr. Khaled Aziz, Neurosurgery), 4) Kuopio Medical Center, Finland (Dr. Juhana Frosen, Neurosurgery), 5) Clinica ENERI, Argentina (Dr. Pedro Lylyk, Neurosurgery), 6) University of Pittsburgh (Prof. Anne Robertson, Bioengineering), 7) Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain (Dr. Mariano Vazquez, Computer Applications)